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Abstract: A look at how one website's disastrous attempt at link building led to its complete removal from Google's search results. If you want to buy backlinks cheap at the lowest rates go to It’s 2023. It has been some time since the release, establishment, and writing about Google's Penguin algorithm upgrade. Every major search engine optimization (SEO) firm and blog has spoken about it in great depth. And yet, there are genuine firms out there using black hat strategies, either because they are unaware of Penguin or because they persist in believing they can get around it. Because SEO is my profession, I am in a fortunate position. I am always up-to-date on events, and I always put products through their paces. Not everyone is in the same situation; in particular, company owners and those who aren't active in search engine optimization. That still doesn't account for the kinds of gigs and services I find on sites like Fiverr and PeoplePerHour. Purchase 10000 Instant Backlinks on Fiverr with Confidence! In an instant, you'll have access to TEN THOUSAND BACKLINKS, GUARAN That's fantastic! won't help unless you're competing with one of your friends in a link popularity contest. However, at my advanced age, it's no longer appropriate for me to engage in such juvenile pursuits. In case you're interested, here's a deal with a "Google Page 1 Guaranteed": Rank 1 in Backlinks Whoa, "master of backlinks" — such a great phrase! To his credit, he does not deny using "black hat seo" techniques. No matter how you look at it, his 97% approval rating indicates that his customers believe he delivers on his promises. He's merely following through on his word; the consumers are the ones acting illogically. The question is, how many of them were helped by their $5 investment. If I were to guess... I won't even venture a guess. I've been putting it through its paces for the last eight weeks. I bought the bundle and had the 10,000 links redirected to my website. Please Read This Fiverr Message To be completely forthright, I had hoped to have my blog up by the end of July and wasn't anticipating a 45-day delay for all of my links. However, I persisted through it all the same. After all, "quick growth in Google is assured"; after all, my site could use a lot more visitors if it were ranked higher in Google. My domain was on page 6 of Google for "womens underwear online" before I did this test. At the conclusion of the campaign, when the links began flooding into my domain, I was no longer ranking in Google for that keyword. Competence Labs I was given a list of five keywords to use at the beginning of the campaign. Among the keywords I provided, the one I just named is the only one now among Google's top 100. Two-Fiver Message No matter how long I waited (45 days), none of the four additional keywords I had submitted to generate links for that were connected to and listed on the homepage of my website ever made it into the top 100. Proficient Freelancers for Any Company You can find freelancers with whatever skill set you need on Fiverr, giving your team the freedom to grow internally and complete any project. ADVERTISEMENT For the low, low price of three pounds and five dollars, I managed to have Google remove my site from its search results for one of my key phrases. Fortunately, nobody had seen me before. Not worrying about it will not keep me up at night. There are many more out there offering similar services, however. I didn't try to single out this seller or draw attention to his work in particular; he simply had the Fiverr offer that seemed the most promising to me. Many webmasters, company owners, and slack link builders, however, have been duped by the proliferation of link merchants into thinking this strategy is effective. Yes, even I was duped into purchasing these 10,000 links for for $3.43. Here's just one of the many examples of people asking for links (directory submissions) for pennies on the dollar: Human Resources Database Request for Submission With this particular example, I fail to see the point of being included in 25 different directories. Once again, Simon, I don't believe it will work if you're trying to win a popularity battle with that. In addition, I am quite convinced it will not have the intended impact if the goal is to increase traffic or rank higher in Google search engine results pages (don't worry; I didn't spend my time or money trying this service). Why would someone with obviously little SEO understanding and research decide that creating 10,000 links or 25 directory submissions would be a smart idea? You know, what search term have they typed into Google (or maybe Bing) that would lead them to the conclusion that "you need 10,000 links" or "you need 25 directory submissions"? The question then becomes, "Who told them this?" Someone, somewhere, is doling out terrible advice, whether online, at a bar, or at a conference. To add insult to injury, I had hoped this would all be over by 2013. In this case, it would seem not. Each week, I examine several hundred profiles for backlinks. This is something I have to do for work. I consider it an essential component of my education. To be honest, I continue to come across sites in low-competition areas that have a lot of questionable connections. Black hat backlink profiles are more uncommon among top-ranking results on page one these days, especially in highly competitive categories (payday loans is an exception). (I adore Fiverr and use it all the time, but not for work; same goes for PayPerHour.) So, tell me, what's Barrie's secret? I'd want to demonstrate what is possible with the right kind of link building and what we've already accomplished. Results from a campaign we executed for a customer from January 2012 to January 2013 (13 months total): Website Views To begin the campaign, our client's website was receiving 60,000 organic search hits (not including referral traffic). Time is needed for a link building and traffic generating campaign to bear fruit. At the outset, a few bad connections had to be removed, content marketing strategies had to be implemented, and new links had to be built before traffic levels could begin to rise. By month six, at the middle of July, we had boosted monthly traffic to 100,000 by a whopping 63%. Although we have not yet succeeded in doubling the traffic, the addition of 40,000 visitors per month has been very beneficial to this client's bottom line. By the twelfth month of our campaign, visitation had risen to 175,000, almost three times the numbers seen in January. This, of course, was during their peak season (the end of November through Christmas). After the peak, there is usually a fall, but January 2013 was still quite successful with 120,000 visitors, which was twice as many as in January 2012. So, why bother with link development at all? Some individuals, evidently in August of 2013 given the examples I provided at the outset, still don't see the point of link building. You get exactly what you paid for in each of these cases. A little investment of $5 or £6 is not likely to have a significant impact on the finances of any company. As I've demonstrated, there's a good risk that these low-quality strategies may hurt your website's future Google rankings. You might hurt your website's rankings and reputation by acquiring poor quality connections. Why therefore make the trip in the first place? Ranks from Authority Labs Simply constructing a large number of links is not a good link building practice. That's because it never should have been, and for the last three years or so, it hasn't been. Not for us, at least not if we're any good at marketing and have any morals. The goal of link building is to increase the amount of targeted traffic and prospective clients visiting these sites. If a customer is paying me X dollars an hour to perform this work, I expect at the very least to be paid far more than that. Not meeting this standard is a failure. And they have decided to stop compensating me for my work. Here's how the sales went down: Sales We see a similar trend in the graph, however January 2013 hasn't nearly doubled January 2012 this time around. But I should mention that Analytics does not record phone orders (feel free to call me a rookie). So, what are you hoping to accomplish with all of this link building? Ten thousand low-quality connections back to your site? Or even a rise in revenue. Get in touch with me and we can discuss this further.

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