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I recently had a chance to speak to Chris Ronneseth of Trek Travel State Holidays (see interview preview) who gave me an awesome review of the adventure tour, a place of travel I clearly would really like to discover sooner than later...

1. Tell us how you acquire into the journey travel business.

I grew up around tour. My father, Allan Ronneseth based the enterprise in 1972, and with an ardor to peer the sector in an extraordinary way than the norm, we had the possibility to tour countries that had been taken into consideration uncommon at that time and to a degree nevertheless are nowadays. Venturing out by myself visiting at the same time as attending University I became more and more enthusiastic about the arena beyond North America. With a diploma in advertising and marketing, I ventured off first to New York and later to Toronto running in income and marketing for generation corporations throughout the tech boom. Having learned the skill of sales in an industry out of doors of the journey however backed with an upbringing rooted in journey travel, I made the development to heading up sales in Eastern Canada for the circle of relatives business in which I now offer assistance to our community of journey agents across Eastern Canada as well as compiling our monthly newsletter on journey tour trends.

2. What nations have you ever traveled to?

Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Egypt, Morocco

Europe: UK, Greenland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria

Asia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Hong Kong

South Pacific: Australia, Cook Islands, Tonga, Fiji

Americas: Canadian High Arctic, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands,

Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia

3. Please share with us your pinnacle 3 journey recollections of all instances.

A. Peru -The ultimate descent into Machu Picchu on the famed Inca Trail from the Sun Gate after seeing the sunrise over the website online, being the first to enter the website at dawn and having a feeling of peace, harmony, and sturdy magic in the air.

B. Vietnam - Travelling the geographical region of Vietnam by using the bike and stumbling upon a hidden and infrequently visited Buddhist Monastery resulting in a three-hour visit with a young Buddhist monk mastering and knowledge of every different's method.

C. Namibia - Skydiving at sundown at Swakopmund at the coast wherein the Atlantic Ocean meets the blood-purple sand dunes for as some distance as the attention can see. One of the maximum tranquil moments of my life.

4. What is a journey tour and how has it evolved over the last few many years?

Adventure journey used to intend excessive adventure lower back when the company become founded in the seventies, it was a time when the 'hippie-trail' was hot and buses used to journey throughout Asia from London to Kathmandu with itineraries that were in large part invented alongside the manner. Today it's far approximately the small institution revel in and about experiencing a vacation spot in place of surely seeing it. It is ready participation and know-how of cultures, records, and customs and being capable of taking that revel in away as enrichment for your daily life.

5. Who is going for your journey tours and why? What is the age, gender, nationality, and profits degree of the human beings that pass in your excursions?

The adventure journey is essentially about the ardor to do it. For this, cause it crosses barriers of age, gender, and profits because the not-unusual intention of the travelers is the enjoy no matter their life at domestic. However the largest demographic for us and the maximum important growth demographic is the toddler boomers who've skilled the traditional seashore holiday numerous times over and also have the time and disposable earnings to travel to greater wonderful locations. Nationality is generally made up of in large part English-talking nations with the makeup so as of numbers being Brits, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Americans, a few mainland Europe, a few Latin American countries, and the unusual Asian visitor.

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