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The Carbon brushes holders and slip-rings IEC 60276:2018 applies to carbon brushes for electrical machinery. This edition applies only to carbon brushes for commutators and slip-rings in rotating machines. Terms and definitions are relative to the brush construction (references 100’s to 500’s and parts of 900’s) and to the markings when operating on a rotating machine (references 600’s to 800’s). This new edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:  Some nomenclature has been deleted or added, whereas remaining definitions have been detailed and clarified, to reflect the technical evolution since 1987. Additional definitions have been included to address the request for reviewing this standard, in particular nomenclature of commutator/slip-rings markings, brush markings and commutation sparks codes.

International Electrotechnical Vocabular

This section of IEC 60050 defines terms that are relevant to live work. It is a status of a Horizontal standard in accordance to IEC Guide 108, Guidelines to ensure coherency

IEC publications - Use of horizontal standards.

This IEV part aims to give precise, concise and accurate definitions of internationally

To name some terms used to describe the accepted concepts in the field live work,

Concepts will be known.

NOTE: Complementary terms and definitions for tools, devices, and equipment for live work are included in

IEC 60743, Live work - Terminology of tools, devices, and equipment.

This terminology is compatible with terminology used in other parts of the specialized areas.

The IEV.

This horizontal standard is intended primarily for technical committees in the

Preparation of standards according to the principles set forth in IEC Guide 108.

A technical committee has the responsibility, whenever possible, to use

Horizontal standards are used in the preparation of publications. This horizontal standard defines the content.

Standard will not be applied unless it is specifically mentioned or included in relevant publications.

Terms for cores made of magnetically soft ferrites

This section of IEC 60401 contains a nomenclature for the most common surface, bulk, and shape. Cores made from soft ferrites (magnetic oxides) can have irregularities. The majority of irregularities are

Graphically, they can be used as visual aids. An Annex A contains a general recommendation.

A consistent scheme to specify the exact location of an irregularity.

Name for the location. This document

It can also be used as a terminological reference in the preparation of technical documentation.

Specifications for irregularity inspection, etc.

This document also outlines a method of defining the designation nomenclature.

The major physical characteristics of soft ferrite core forms. This document serves two purposes:

Facilitate uniform use of dimensional characters for manufacturers, specifiers, users, and other parties

When describing core dimensions in drawings, tables, or on catalogue specification


Optical Frequency Measurement Instruments

IEC 62129-3-2019 describes how to calibrate optical frequency meters using an internal reference optical frequency comb. This applies to instruments that measure the optical frequency emitted by sources typical for the fibreoptic communications industry. The assumption is that the optical radiation will combine with the optical frequency meter via a single-mode optical fiber. This document is part IEC 62129, which deals with the calibration of wavelength/optical frequency measurement instrument. For calibration of optical spectrum analyzers refer to IEC 621291 [3], and IEC 62129-2 for calibration of single-wavelength Michelson interferometer meters. This edition replaces IEC TS 62129-3 published in 2014. The following technical changes have been made to this edition in comparison to the previous one: A) Text has been added to 5.2.3 regarding calibration at a second optical frequency.

  1. b) Annex D now is normative
  2. c) Subclause 42 has been updated.
  3. d) The measurement method for frequency has been moved from Annex A to Annex B.

Annex C has been added to e) an example of optical frequency combin.

Annexe D has been added to f) Frequency-dependent uncertainty

Keywords: Calibration of optical frequency meters

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